Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy can stop assessment collection in its tracks. CMP® helps you protect your client by organizing your data so that you can make intelligent recommendations about securing the asset.

The Answer. . . It Depends. . .

But if you don't have your file notes, court documents, and legal theories organized in a way that permits you to do a proper case analysis, you'll never know. And that means your client could be losing out on the opportunity to collect post-petition assessments, or even to foreclose in rem.

Bankruptcy Halts Assessments?

Chapter 7 attempts to avoid assessments incurred prior to the time the petition is filed. Post-petition assessments are still the Unit Owner's responsibility. But you can't collect them without consent of the Bankruptcy Court. CMP® can help by keeping you organized and focused with its globally accessible file notes and tickler system. Do you need to do a Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay? CMP's® document assembly system can help make that happen!

It's a Mine Field

When a Unit Owner goes into bankruptcy, your client needs you more than ever. Bankruptcy issues can be complicated, and you don't want to put your client or yourself at risk of breaching the automatic stay. You need access to your files in a way that will help you give your client the best advice. CMP® gives you the ability to organize your files and to access them from anywhere, even while sitting at your client's board meeting.