Mortgage Foreclosures

Community Associations are generally named in mortgage foreclosures due to their lien rights. Organized data and documents allow you to act quickly when a mortgage foreclosure is filed against a Unit Owner within one of your client Associations.

Mortgage Foreclosures Take Years

It's no secret that mortgage lenders are in no hurry to finish foreclosure cases. CMP® gives you the organizational tools to properly evaluate the status of mortgage foreclosure cases so that you can give your clients competent advise on how to best proceed to protect their interests.

'Forewarned is Forearmed'

Community Association Boards of Directors can not make good business decisions regarding their litigation matters without proper information and advice. CMP® provides reports, transparency and notifications to Associations so that they can stay informed as to the status of their matters. Well informed clients are happier clients.

Be Proactive

Running around putting out fires is no way to live, and its a worse way to practice law. CMP® provides you with the tools you need, where ever you need them, to take a proactive approach to case management. Isn't it time you started managing your files...instead of letting your files manage you?