Data resides on a dedicated "virtual" server in the "cloud" to ensure integrity.

CMP® understands the need to secure your files in a cloud environment. That is why your data resides on a dedicated virtual server. The client portal has a multi-level password system so that only those people who need access to Association data have access.

On the law firm side, two levels of password protection ensure that you have control over your data. Full auditing functions are built in, so that you can see, on a granular level, who is doing what and when. Worried about file integrity? System backups and deletion management protocols let you sleep easier.

Do you live by the principle that "the squeeky wheel gets the grease?" Why wait for your clients to call and ask about the status of their files? The on-board scheduling system, coupled with broad capacity auditing functions, let you know what was supposed to get done, and what acutually got done, anytime you want or need to know.


WEBWARE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED®, the provider of CollectionsMasterPro software is particularly sensitive to your security, auditing and compliance issues. Remember...We know your business because we're in your business.
Michael E. Chapnick, Esq. / Founder and President