About Our Company

WEBWARE SYSTEMS INC. was founded on the principles of efficiency, transparancy, and automation.

By developing practice specific, web-based systems for managing and handling Association collections and foreclosures, WEBWARE is your bridge between the office and the clouds! Our systems may be in the clouds, but our expertise is firmly planted on the ground.

Integrating law and technology, WEBWARE saves Community Association law firms time, money, and makes them more effective and efficient practicioners. Virtualizing, Organizing, and Automating. Call us tollfree at (800) 266 0305 or locally at (561) 330-3096 or use our contact form to see how we can help you "Work Smarter ... Not Harder!"

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Our Mission

To help you "Work Smarter...Not Harder!"
Michael E. Chapnick, Esq. / President

The Future of the Legal Profession

The Way we Practice Law is Changing

The traditional model of practice law involved maintaining file folders with dates and notes written on the folder's inside cover, documents hole-punched and stuffed inside, and only one person using the file at a time (when the file could be found at all).

The Webware Model

Case management software developed specifically for use in a Community Association law firm by association lawyers. A cloud-based system accessible by everyone in your organization, so that everyone has access to the same information at the same time. An integrated account ledger system designed for fluid collections. Data export to your word processing package so that you can use your own forms, the way you normally would (but more efficiently).


Clients want to know the status of their cases. Traditionally, firms spend 3-5 days each month preparing status reports in advance of the client's monthly meeting. With WEBWARE'S COLLECTIONMASTERPRO®, preparation of status reports is a thing of the past. Just manage your files, and the status reports prepare themselves! And the client can log in anytime they want to view and/or print them out.