Due Diligence.

The idea of “virtualizing” your collections and foreclosure practice may seem scary at first. Where are my files? What is happening with them? But the truth is, you don’t really know where they are now, or what is happening with them.

You spend unfathomable amounts of time just trying to find a file, only to discover that it is missing crucial documents, has incomplete file notes, and all the while, the client is getting frustrated that things are taking too long.

Enter CMP®...Stop searching for files, and start working on them. With CMP®, your files are safe, secure and "virtually" accessible by everyone in your firm with the click of a mouse.

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Case Management is a breeze with organized access to case files.

We don’t live in a world of manilla file folders any more. We live in a world of instant access to information. Anything you want to know about anything can be found out via the Internet access in your cell phone. Why not your case files too?

Having all that information right at your fingertips (and simultaneously at the fingertips of everyone in your firm) is incredibly powerful. Your documents can still be organized, but now when a client calls, you won’t have to say “let me get the file and I will call you back.”

Now, you can say “let me pull that information up for you right now and we can talk about it!”

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Common tedious manual processes automated.

Do you create every document you send out from scratch? Cut, copy and paste? How many times have you listed the wrong client or court information in a document?

It’s embarrassing at best, and malpractice at worst. Whether we care to admit it or not, we use and reuse many of the same form documents over and over every day.

But manually transferring over information from one document to the next is a recipe for disaster. Document assembly systems allow you to utilize technology so that you can minimize mistakes, improve efficiency, and get back to actually practicing law.

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