• Take your
    Community Association practice to the clouds.

    Cloud-based CollectionsMasterPro® is a cloud-based software system for ASSOCIATION LAW FIRMS, enabling them to manage, automate and report on your community association assessment collection and foreclosure practices.

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  • PaperFlood
    Facing a tidal wave of paper?

    Your new paperless office can be
    managed from anywhere, anytime! But more,
    your clients can log in and see the status
    of matters in real time.

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  • Have no fear
    is here!

    Developed by association lawyers,
    for association lawyers, and
    battle-tested in practice.

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  • Paper mountain
    Fighting an uphill battle?

    Be more efficient,
    have better informed clients,
    and do more with less resources.
    Or, in other words ...Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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  • Life's abeach
    when you use our software.

    Relax. We have your back.
    With CollectionsMasterPro®
    peace of mind is easy.

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Data is stored on a dedicated "virtual" server in the cloud.

  • Automatic back-ups
  • Back-end data is only accessible by those you chose
  • Access your files from anywhere with Internet access
  • Generate documents, review letters, make file notes…from anywhere

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Case Management and follow-up are a breeze.

  • Part case management, part client portal
  • Never waste time searching for files again
  • Manage documents, file notes, payments, ledgers, estoppels, and payment plans, and more...

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Streamline Repetitive tasks.

  • Integrated document assembly
  • Output system data to your favorite word processor
  • Enter data once, access it firm-wide
  • Built-in flexible tickler system
  • Reduce mistakes and malpractice liability
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Harness the power of the Internet to:

  • Be more productive!
  • Be More efficient!
  • Make more Money!
  • Employ less staff!

If you "are what you repeatedly do", then now is the time to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Meet the Team

Michael Chapnick, Esq.

Mike has more than 16 years experience practicing Community Association Law and is an office automation expert.

Bill Mee
Chief Information Officer

Bill is an electrical engineer with more than 20 years experience developing legal and other software.

Bruce Gran
Director of Marketing

Bruce is a well-known consultant and marketing specialist for Community Associations.

Larry Ashkenas
Web Director

Larry has more than 30 years experience as a programmer and web designer.