DOCUMENT ASSEMBLY is the act of automating the process of creating, editing, printing and storing mattter related documents.

The traditional method of creating documents was to "cut and paste" new information into an old form document. The problem with doing so was that not all new information got pasted, or got pasted incorrectly. The result...embarassment at best, malpractice at worst.

In a poorly organized document assembly process, documents are not automatically modifiable by substituting variable fields with information from unit owner/association records. The ability to automatically generate perfectly formatted documents with the correct variable information every time is crucial. CMP® uses a system of templatizing commonly reproduced documents:

What this means is a common document, e.g. a demand letter, is digitally maintained with placeholders identified for variable information, such as the Unit Owner's name, Unit ID etc... A Template. When the document is generated, the real data is automatically substituted for the placeeholders... a one for all concept, minimizing multiple replication of the same basic document.


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