In The Beginning

CollectionsMasterPro ("CMP") is a system for Association Law Firms.

It supports case management, document assembly system and has a client portal system designed by and for Community Association attorneys. Like all truly good ideas, the system was born from our need to be more efficient, to effectively track the status of cases, and to provide our clients with better service.

I began developing this system eight years ago when I decided to leave my former firm and begin my own practice. In those days, I was alone in the office, and like most sole practicioners, I did all the legal work, all the administrative work, and everything in between.

I quickly realized that if I was going to get everything done, I had to develop systems that would allow me to get more done in less time. I began by setting up a database of all my files, and then utilized the mail merge functions in MS Word to generate documents.

I had forms for everything, even down to generating "green cards" for certified mail. Every time I did something, I would ask "is there a better way to do this?" And with each answer, the system grew...

To the Clouds!

I wanted a web-based system that I could access from anywhere. But more. . .

I wanted my clients to be able to log in and see the status of matters in real time. Being paperless already, I wanted my clients to have access to all of their file documents.

In short, I wanted a fully functional, web-based case management system, designed from the ground up to handle everything involved in a Community Association collection and lien foreclosure practice.


7 ago, my entire association collection and foreclosure practice moved to the web.

Since that time, we have used the system to manage our files, prepare our documents, inform our clients, and so much more. Because we use the system ourselves, we are always seeking new ways to use it to improve services and processes.

We have added modules like a ledger manager, an estoppel manager, and our own internal ledger system. We have improved our document assembly.

Post Arrival!

We have added automatic notifications and integrations with e-Fax. We've even utilized artificial intelligence. In short...we've learned to "work smarter...not harder!" And we can show you how to do it too!